One thought on “Republicans, Conservatives and Trumpers Need to Hear this.

  1. “In the Tax Reform Act of ’86, 30 hearings were held in this committee, 12 in the subcommittee, 450 expert testimonies. WE HAVE NONE. NONE!…

    “Noone from the Administration will even sit in front of us. We’re the oldest committee in Congress, many would argue the most prestigious, and members of this side of the aisle aren’t even allowed to bring an expert witness!?”

    As Peter Thiel says, “Capitalism and Democracy cannot co-exist.”

    I fear he is right. Democracy is the enemy of capitalism, contradictory by their very definitions. The capitalists have wrapped themselves, with democracy, into a delicious Taco Bell burrito.

    Yes, like their meat, the “democracy” is also mostly an illusion.

    But damn its tasty. Much like those handy-dandy instruction manuals the elite have been publishing for millennia. You know, the ones that tell us how to live, and to not care about nixing the inheritance tax, because the meek shall inherit the Earth 🙂


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