Republicans, Conservatives and Trumpers Need to Hear this.


Closer to a DARPA Nightmare

I have long been concerned that there is so much research and development going on under the radar. Most people dont know and wouldnt care about such research. Some might even welcome it as a way to improve themselves. While I consider myself a man of science and an enlightened person, I am suspicious of what is going on in the range of topics related to AI, cloning, robotics etc. To wit, the article below. DARPA is a government R&D agency that will likely lead to the destruction of mankind, one way or another, intentionally or not.

I wrote the following many years ago and still believe it to be a potential scenario. While the immediate political environment might be of concern to some, the long-term danger of unchecked science has more potential danger. DARPA long ago put out bids for “autonomous fighting machines.” Guess what those are? My take on it (feel free to share): “I have seen the coming days of doom. On the eighth day, man created monsters. On the ninth day, the monsters devoured man. And on the tenth day there was silence and the silence was forever.”

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Slavery and a Song

In light of recent events, may we find the grace we need to live together— if not in harmony, at least in respect.

This is an interesting map of slavery in America in 1860.

Slavery Map

It is interactive at this site.

Here are some quick facts about American slavery.

A song for hope and healing.

By coincidence, Savannah Frazier, a dear friend of Becca’s and the entire Mooradian-Williams family, is debuting on Broadway this weekend in Amazing Grace, a musical.

They Don’t Make Em Like This Anymore

These cars reflected the designs of their times and, presumably, the personalities of their designers. They were fun to look at. Safe? Not so much. But wouldn’t it be nice if car makers could produce vehicle that were safe, environmentally sound and this interesting to look at?